samedi 29 août 2009

Andre Leon Talley talks Uggs and Golden Girls

You can always rely on Andre Leon Talley to deliver a good line or two. Yes, we’ve gone on about him a bit recently (The September Issue, Miss Universe, blah blah blah!), but he’s just such a star! But he actually doesn’t say much at all. But this month he was interviewed by Time Out New York and gave us an insight into his home and work life. And as ever, each quote is a gem in itself!On his style:‘You cannot live your life in the elitist world of fashion and not step out or you’re disconnected. You have to realize that fashion is not the endgame. I started wearing Uggs two years ago. It’s a cozy shoe. Also, they’re only $98." In fact, at home, he wears "Juicy Couture shorts, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and Uggs." But don't expect him to wear Crocs. "I draw the line at Uggs."’On the ‘skinny’ Vogue offices:‘The Vogue offices are full of what I call very angular women wearing stilettos, and maybe that’s just the consciousness — that people think that they need this look when they work at Vogue. But Grace Coddington does not fit that mold and she’s elegant. Look at Michelle Obama, she’s the most fashionable woman in America. But she’s not a fashion plate.’On his love of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia:‘I only watch MSNBC for the news. And reruns of The Golden Girls. It’s my favorite show. They have a sense of being at home, always wearing different robes and nightgowns. For me it’s one of the greatest shows ever. Helmut Lang loves The Golden Girls too. He told me he used to rush home to watch it. It’s very uplifting and fresh, it just takes you away from the fashionable world.’

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